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5 Ways to Succeed in MLM Marketing Using a Replicated Site



5 Ways to Succeed in MLM Marketing Using a Replicated Site

But the fact is, for best results, it is always better to generate leads. “Lead Generation” – it might sound interesting but is a difficult job. A Marketing needs to attract people to his website and woo him/her to fill in a simple form, also known as lead capture form and finally hit the “submit” button.

Though it might sound easy, in reality it is actually far away from being easy. MLM marketers need a replicated site to start with. A replicated website forms the basis of network marketing. How do MLM marketers use a replicated website? How does it contribute to the success of marketers? Following are 5 ways a replicated website works to make the job of a marketer easie.

Distribute information

A distributor of an MLM network marketing company can personalize a replicated site with his personal information including name, contact information, phone number and links to social networking sites. A distributor may also be able to upload a video to demonstrate his product. While the personal information of a distributor makes his replicated website look genuine, it also adds credibility to a distributor’s profile. With the help of social networking buttons, visitors can connect with distributors and this further helps his sales.

Marketing Helps in branding

Replicated websites are pre-branded. A distributor does not need to put in any further effort in building a brand for his business. His replicated website acts as an extension of the main corporate website.


Using autoresponders

In an MLM business, it is important to stay in touch with prospects. Research shows that a lead needs to be contacted seven to ten times before it is converted. For a distributor, it becomes quite a challenge to follow up with every lead at regular intervals while attracting new clients. An autoresponder works at regular intervals to stay in touch with leads. An autoresponder is a pre-drafted email that is sent out to make an announcement, for regular follow-up or to welcome a new member in the group.

Attract visitors to the site

These are all about managing leads. But how does a marketer get leads? Social media and online existence of a networker is important to attract leads. A networker can write blogs and articles describing the various features of his products and service and its usage and put a link to his replicated site. This can help to attract traffic to his website and the more traffic he gets, better are the chances for his chances of getting leads and conversions.

Other useful features

A replicated website also has a few significant back end features like a calendar that keeps track of a networker’s appointments. A networker can also import all his contacts from Gmail (or other email) so he does not lose out on anyone while sending broadcast emails.

This Article was written by Sarah Jame, FocalPoint marketing specialist. She is an expert in MLM Lead Capture pages and Autoresponders used in conjunction with an Replicated Site or MLM Prospecting System. She is happy to share her knowledge of MLM Tools with network marketers.


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