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Playing Music on Discord



Playing Music on Discord

Like most streamers, listening to music while playing may prove to be a practical necessity. It’s an incredible feeling to match the rhythm with the beating of your heart during an epic and intense game moment. So much so that you will want to share this feeling with those in your Discord.

Of course, there is a chance to just “shake”, enjoying the company of your presenters with listening. There is nothing wrong with that. It may even help some discover new songs.

Whatever the reason, music and games are a combination made in Valhalla and you should enjoy the syndication whenever you get the chance.

There are two main ways to play music on Discord without sacrificing sound quality, not only for yourself but also for your peers.

Add music to the dispute

Ways I know how to play music via Discord:

  1. A Dispute Bot. We will work specifically on the rhythm for this article.
  2. Setting up Spotify with Discord. We will also play the Listen Together Spotify Premium Subscriber feature.

If you want to stream your favorite songs on Discord, this is the best option. Below you will find tutorials for each of these options.

Please note that the sound quality will vary depending on your selection. However, whichever you choose, you will never hear audio on your Discord.

Rhythm, The Discord Music Bot

Rhythm is a Discord music bot focused and dedicated to one goal: to deliver an incredible music experience on Discord. There are lots of well-documented bots, but Rythm is a great free option. The dedicated amount of high-quality music-related features is unrivaled and is constantly updated and operational.

Need help adding Bots to Discord? This article will help you add the right bots to your Discord server.

It supports many different music sources, including Rythm, YouTubeSoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It also has 100% stability, meaning your music will have no lag at all.

Before you can install Rythm (or any bot) on Disthm, you must be the owner of the server on which you want to install it or have the necessary permissions. Without them, to play music on Discord, you have to skip this option and choose one of the other two in the article.

To install Rythm on a PC (or Mac):

  1. Open the web browser of your choice (everything should work with Rythm) and .
  2. Invite + Rhythm located in the top right corner of the page . This action will take you to the Discord login screen. (If you’re using another Bot resource, this can range from “Invite” to “Add Bot”)
  3. Enter your Discord account credentials and login to the site.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the server where you want to add the Rythm bot. You can add the bot to additional servers, but you will have to repeat the process.
  5. Click the blue authorize button. It is placed towards the bottom of the small pop-up window. You will receive a confirmation message.
  6. Check the “I’m not a robot” box and you’ll now be able to access the Rythm robot from your Discord server.

Setting the music

  1. Launch the Discord Desktop application on your computer. You can also use the browser version if you want.
  2. From the list of servers on the left side of the Discord screen, select the server you have decided to add Rythm to.
  3. Left click on the audio channel you want Rythm to play music from the list of available channels. If you plan to listen to music, an audio channel must be selected for Rythm. I’m sure that’s the case or this whole process just doesn’t make sense.
  4. type ! tap then a space and you want to listen to the song or artist press Sign in or return and Rythm will play the song or artist on YouTube (or your playlist you’ve created) and the artist playing that song or song.
  5. You can go to and click Features and commands commands for a list of RYTHM commands . These are located in the right column.

To install Rythm on your Android or iOS device:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 to install Rhythm on a PC (or Mac) and continue from there.
  2. Launch the Discord app on your device and sign in with the appropriate credentials if necessary.
  3. Tap to open the menu (top left of the screen) and select the added Rythm server from the list of servers on the left side of the screen.
  4. Tap to open an audio channel because you can add Rythm to an audio channel if you only want to play music.
  5. don’t write ! Tap and press send to let Rythm start playing music.

Other mismatched bots

There are several options for Discord Bots that add nice sound to your server.

awesome It is a bot that is easy to use and supports customization like mixing and displaying letters. A reliable Bot makes a great musical addition to Discord’s servers.

FredBoat is Another popular bot that lets you add music to your Discord. Similar to Groovy bot customization, FredBoat also lets you control who changes the playlist.

Host a misfit party using Spotify

Spotify is a free digital music streaming service (with premium subscriptions) that gives various global artists access to millions of songs. It is one of the largest companies to offer such a service, second only to Apple’s iTunes.

Linking your Spotify to your Discord account is a great feature that lets you add music without a bot.

You can connect Spotify to your Discord as follows:

  1. When you open Discord on your device and click User Settings, there is the Gear icon located to the right of your avatar.
  2. Select “Connections” in the “User Settings” section of the menu on the right.Playing Music on Discord 2
  3. Find and click the Spotify icon in the “Link your accounts” section. This will take you to the Spotify account login page.
  4. Sign in to your account with your Spotify credentials.
  5. Agree to the terms of the connection between Spotify and Discord by clicking the green button. Click the AGREEMENT button.
  6. When the process is complete, the “You’ve linked your Spotify account to Discord” page will open.
  7. Go back to Discord, scroll down the list to see your Spotify link.Playing Music on Discord 3

Options let you choose how you want Spotify to be displayed on your Discord profile. If you want to disconnect Spotify from your account, you can click the X in the upper right corner of the green box. Click on this hack to confirm your choice.

Using Co-Listen

Listen together is a premium Spotify feature that lets your server members listen to music with you. Listen Together lets you listen to your friends who are listening to Spotify, regardless of whether they use Spotify for free or not.

Unfortunately, you cannot communicate using the voice chat feature when using this option. Instead, have the text chat Listen together enabled.

To use Listen Together if you’re currently paying the Spotify monthly premium:

  1. While on Discord, you can click on a member with “Listen to Spotify” from the friend list or the member list on the right.
  2. A Listen icon with you should be visible. Click on it to share your friend’s music preference.
  3. When you listen with Spotify Free user, you will hear silence while the ads are playing.

To invite your friends to listen together:

  1. With Spotify already playing music, type ‘+’ in the text box to send.
  2. You can preview the message sent before the invitation where you can add a comment if you want.
  3. Once the invitation is sent, your friends who can send it to Listen together can click join to “shake” with you.

Friends currently listening will be displayed at the bottom left of the Discord app.

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How to design a stage plot for your band online



After many years of touring and meetings with organizers, we know that there is something that you as an organizer may wonder about. Especially if you are new as a stage plot designer, so here are some explanations and tips.

The room

We play on a flat floor and we have the seats for the young audience with us. If you have a very large stage that meets our measurement requirements, we can play on stage with the audience sitting on stage. Just make sure that it is safe for the audience to go up on stage and that it is accessible to those who, for example, is in a wheelchair.


Should we be on another floor, there should be an elevator. Keep in mind that some scenography elements can be large and long. Talk to us if you feel hesitant. The best thing is to be able to load straight into the game room.

How important is it that you follow our local measurements?

It is very important that you measure so that the room keeps the dimensions we need; otherwise, the scenography will not go in. Do not appreciate and think that “we usually have a theater here”. Be on the safe side and measure. We usually have a stage sketch that we send out. There you can see what it looks like with the scenography set up. If you have photos on the premises (mobile photos are enough), feel free to email them to us.

Ceiling height

In order for us to have space with our scenography and our light stands, you need to measure the ceiling height from the lowest point. Are there hanging lamps, projectors or anything else in the room? Maybe it’s possible to tie up?


If we want blackout, it is because we have lighting that the show depends on. If it’s too bright, much of the magic disappears. We usually write that it “should be so dark that you can show a movie”. It does not work with ordinary curtains that are drawn unless there are special blackout curtains.

Elen then?

If we need 16 amps, it does not work with 32 amps even if you could believe it. This is what a so-called glove can look like. The red lid says if it is 16 A or 32 A or something else. The outlet should be close to the venue, but if it does not – contact us. We have a cable that is about 20 m long with us and we can bring another cable if needed.

Is construction / carrying assistance important?

Yes, it is! We always state on information sheets and in contracts if we need carrying assistance. We carry and build every day sometimes when we tour. If we get help, it makes it very easy. The construction time is also based on the fact that, whenever we request it, we have carrying/construction help.

It should be adults who can help carry and build before the show, and after the show when it will be torn down and carried again.

Does anyone need to receive us?

Yes! It needs to be a person who knows the room, knows where the electricity is, knows where we can change and who can show us emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.

Audience safety

The organizer is responsible for the safety on site and for the safety of the audience. This means that there must always be someone responsible from the organizer on site during the time there is an audience in the room.

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Essential Growth Hacking Tips For Musicians In 2021



It’s important to understand that people won’t just follow you when you release that mixtape, album or single.

To cultivate a fanbase you have to be someone worth following. Someone that your fans will look up to, and in turn be inspired by you…

How Do You Define Music Marketing?

The simple answer is that music marketing is defined as how musicians effectively build an audience of fans and build rapport with these fans over time through effective communication.

Obviously, with musicians, the ultimate goal is to sell more music, sell more beats, sell more t-shirts and concert tickets. We all can agree on that.

Your audience will want to invest in you, to follow your story, and will want to feel part of the journey.

Just being original, or different won’t suffice. You need something that will attach your personality to the music.

How To Tell Your Story

How many times have can you post the same songs and the same album covers over and over again on social media and expect people to follow you.?

It’s crucial to understand that storytelling is the ESSENTIAL ingredient when it comes to music marketing. If you are struggling to decipher what storytelling is with the music industry look no further than the artist that inspired you.

Try and record yourself asking questions that will help to draw the story from you.

Consider Who?, What?, When? and Where? Method?

  • Why Did I Make This Record?
  • Who Helped Me Make This Record?
  • Where Did I Record The Song?
  • What Was The Mood Like In The Studio
  • Was It Hard Or Easy To Write The Record?
  • What Went Through Your Mind When You Heard The Final Recording?
  • How Does This Album Differ From The Other Songs Your Have Made Before?
  • Who Inspired You?
  • When Did You Get Started In Music?

This is the main strategy I use over at The Corporatethief Beats when I am promoting my hip hop beats.

These are some simple questions that your future fans might ask? Also the help you cultivate a narrative around your music career.

Rather than relying on the music to promote the music, now you are using the power of story and content as a promotion tool to share your music.

Then you can record this into mini segments like for stories or shorts for sites like Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok.

Long-form content can be added for sites like Facebook, Instagram TV and YouTube.

Remember We Live In The Times Of The SCROLL BUTTON. !!!

Most people will scroll past with the volume on mute. It might be a good idea to add subtitles or graphics to the video just to BREAK THEIR ATTENTION SPAN…

Building Your Narrative

One of the major mistakes that we musicians make with social media is that we treat it like PROMOTIONAL MEDIA.

It’s time to build a narrative around your project with words, photos and videos over which you have complete control.

The core issue I have with social sites like Facebook and YouTube is that we are competing with advanced algorithms for attention.

The sad reality is that the draw of related content on the same page makes it all too easy for someone to ‘click away from your content to something else.

One way around this is to Build A Website and an Email List.

Click here to learn about effective music marketing, learn how to build an artist website and email marketing for musicians.

Learn How To Curate Content

Your site can be your social hub where the focus of your fans is solely on you. You can create a website for a couple of bucks today…

It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Many sites are now Curated Content sites or Content Aggregators where they syphon popular content resources in from sites Reddit, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Consistency is key. So your site needs to update a couple of times a month. And it needs to be promoted with the use of your email newsletter and social sites.

There’s got to be a reason for your fans to come back and visit your site repeatedly. Your site’s audience will give up if there’s nothing new to see for weeks on end.

Use your site to push your story with a new blog post or video. If your audience knows they are getting new content every couple of weeks, they’ll spread the word.

How To Outsource Your Music Marketing?

Let’s face it marketing promotion is a pain in the butt…

There are simply too many tasks for one person to focus on. It’s so easy to burn yourself out or spread yourself too thin. There is just never enough time to create and manage every single site.

Some of the most successful musicians have one secret weapon when it comes to music marketing. Outsourcing!!

Outsourcing the majority of the grunt work within your music marketing is the best solution. Hiring help to do mundane, repetitive music promotional tasks is something that will free up a ton of your time.

Here are 2 of my favorite places to outsource… This is my preferred method of outsourcing my music marketing tasks. All of the freelancers here are from the Philippines.

Filipino’s influenced by American culture. Their level of English is very high. This is a significant reason why I outsource all my work to the Philippines. Filipino’s are incredibly hard working.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at $5 per job, hence its name.

This site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers on a global scale. … You can find a freelancer to carry out Graphic Design, like logos, or artwork.

You can hire virtual assistants and social media managers. You can find people to distribute your mixtape to hip hop blogs who will post your music.

Some of the services here are amazing, and some are complete trash. Please read the reviews before purchase or hiring anyone from Fiverr.

Never be afraid to try new things and hacks to help you in promoting your music. When things get rough and hectic, you can always hire someone to assist you with your task like a virtual assistant who will work on your music marketing strategies.

If you found this article to be an eye-opener please feel free to share this with someone you think will benefit from it.

Keep your chin up and keep working hard…

Daniel Hartnett, aka The Corporatethief Beats, is a hip-hop beatmaker, songwriter, and music marketing blogger from Dublin, Ireland.

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One Punch Man season 3 potential release date



one punch man season 3

It’s been over a year since fans saw a new episode of One Punch Man, and many people are now fed up with the lack of information about One Punch Man season 3.

There aren’t many anime franchises that are more popular or successful than One Punch Man.

Since its anime debuted in 2015, it has dominated the media landscape and the community, and season 2 only took the hype even further.

However, season 2 ended in 2019. Nearly a year later, fans are still wondering if and when the anime’s 3rd round will premiere.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins : Netflix anime series ends season 4 with an official release date for August

Will there be a One Punch Man Season 3?

  • At the time of writing, One Punch Man has neither been officially renewed by the show’s creators, nor has the anime been shelved entirely.

Apparently, nothing has been confirmed regarding season 3. One punch man and a lot of fan speculation but nothing official – disturbing, I know. That said, fans can definitely expect a third season to be produced at some point in the future.

One punch man is not only incredibly popular with fans worldwide, it’s also a very lucrative franchise from a business standpoint. I’d say I’ve seen more OPM products in the last two years than any other anime series, except for JoJo.

  • JAPAN HOUSES 2020 : Season 2 of the incredible disaster anime will likely never happen, but why?

Also, the creators of the show actually said after the show’s Twitter season 2 finale. ‘The second term has reached the final round, but ‘One Punch Man’ is not going to end!’ This is essentially proof that the showrunners want the anime to continue.

Personally, I think we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation for season 3. Some artwork, or even a teaser trailer for season 3 to be ready, but that could be in a few months.

ANNOUNCED : Fire Force season 2 episode 3 airing times have been announced

When will OPM season 3 come out?

  • With no official confirmation that the anime will return, there is no word on when we can expect it to drop.

Unfortunately, I’m trying to predict a release date for season three One-punch Man (assuming a remake), which is proving to be pretty tough as the subject matter here is source material. Seasons 1 and 2 covered 16 of the 21 manga volumes available at the time of publication. It means there are only 5 copies to be used in the next season.

A regular anime season here needs about 8 volumes to make a meaty installment. One punch man anime creators will likely wait until a few more issues of the manga are released.

Again, the problem with this is that we don’t know when the issues will be announced. All in all, an optimistic forecast for the season 3 release date would be mid-2021, but a more realistic forecast would be early 2022.

  • THE GOD OF HIGHSCHOOL : Crunchyroll’s newest anime features amazing OST including KSUKE and CIX.

What is the plot of season 3?

The ending of season 2 was great and left the show’s creators plenty of opportunities to explore.

According to the rumors, the next arc will follow Monster Association in more depth, but while more S-Series heroes are in anticipation, I’d say it’s all going forward.

We’ll lend a helping hand to anticipate the plot for season 3 once the manga issues are released. However, anime fans won’t want the story spoiled, so be careful not to post potential spoilers.

In season 3 we will bring you updates One punch man as and when information is confirmed.

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