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Top 10 Electric Skateboards



electric skateboard

Powered skateboards admittedly had a somewhat rocky start. They first saw the light of day in the mid-’70s, but because they had to be gasoline-powered, they emitted a hideously loud and massive odor. Now, however, electric skateboards offer an exciting alternative to regular skateboards and hoverboards and have become unparalleled popularity for campus travelers and urban commuters who want to get from point A to point B with minimal effort and maximum style. Powered by an electric motor, these boards are usually remotely controlled, and some can reach speeds of up to about 30 MPH. There are about 20 different large companies that manufacture these electric skateboards, and there are about 50 individual boards to choose from. We’ve ranked the top ten best boards so you don’t have to experiment.

There are several important factors to consider when buying an electric skateboard: Construction, range, weight, wheels, breakouts, battery type, torque, etc. Some of these variants are more important to riders than others, so please take this list as we believe we have the best quality in the Top ten boards – not the boards that will be the best for everyone.

That being said, this is our top-rated electric skateboard. The Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard comes with white, orange, or green wheels and has unique features that set it apart from other skateboards in this price range.

For starters, this card just looks great from all angles. It is a rather lean, solid, and well-made board, with strong but strong colors that are not too flashy. It can also reach speeds of up to 20 MPH and go 20 miles per charge at max speed. Hellfire also has a lightweight, 2.5-hour battery, which is crucial when it comes to electric skateboards as it makes up a large portion of the battery’s overall weight and range.

We were also impressed with this board’s ability to conquer some steep hills. It could easily climb at angles of up to 20 degrees. (This of course depends on the weight of the rider. We tested this with a 170-pound drive, but the board can handle someone up to 264 pounds.) This board’s impressive climbing ability doesn’t come from a powerful 800W motor in a small piece. It has a charging time of only 2.5 hours.

And we know this might not sound like a huge deal, but unlike many other electrical panels, the Hellfire comes fully assembled – so you can start riding the second you open the box.Runner Up Upgraded Dual + 2000W Electric Skateboard Buy Now – Around $1,299

A major factor in deciding which board to put the #1 spot on was cost. For the average person considering entering the world of electric skateboards, getting into quad treads is simply out of the question. However, for those of you who have money to throw around, this board might be the one for you.

Right after the battalion, the name should catch your attention. Yes, this Boosted board is powered by a 2,000-watt motor, giving this board the best torque and raw power we’ve seen in an electric skateboard. And this motherboard’s dual-drive system means you can accelerate from any hill at almost unbelievable speed and then brake to a full stop on your turn.

We’re also impressed with the extra smooth transitions between different speeds on this card. Some of the cards in the triple-digit range had what appeared to be the pesky speed measurement, which led to slightly jarring movements when changing power levels.

The overall build quality and feel of this card are also pretty impressive. It’s made of 100% bamboo and you can really feel it while you ride. This board has incredible flexibility, handling, and maneuverability – all features that will be music to the ears of surfers and snowboarders, which is why many electric skateboards are dissatisfied with the relatively stiff feel. Everyone else Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Buy Now – $599

Now, back to electrical panels in the price range of a normal human budget. This Maxfind Dual Motor board is a great choice for someone who has more money than a Genesis Hellfire pickup and has many of the same features but a different look. The Maxfind comes equipped with a super reliable Samsung Lithium-ion battery and weighs in at just 12 pounds, it’s incredibly portable and feels smooth, especially around curves. It has a charge time of 60 minutes, which is quite reasonable, however, its maximum speed is 17 MPH, which may be a factor for those who like the 20 MPH hack. Its maximum mileage is around 10 miles, which is respectably more, and its 8-ply maple frame means you won’t be smashing this board any time soon. In general, this cardYuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard Buy Now – $599

Around the same price as the Maxfind, the Yuneec E-GO2 is an electric motor longboard – capable of going at reasonable speeds (up to around 13 MPH depending on the rider’s weight) at impressive speeds (about 18 mph). . Given this card’s sleek, clean look, range, and speed, we recommend this card to anyone who doesn’t spend a lot of time riding a board in general: non-skaters, non-surfers, and the non-snowboarders among us. The E-GO2 is an excellent starting point as it gives you a reliable positive braking system, reliable and fast-acting cruise control, and kick-up shape that gives you more control and better steering. This board was also able to survive light rain. This means when you run out of water and need to walk home, Benchwheel Dual 1800W Electric Skateboard B2 Buy Now – $549

The first thing that stands out about this Benchwheel board is its cool design. The bottom of the board has a gorgeous finish of three base layers of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing boards on our list. This wood combination also gives the rider excellent grip, while the Benchwheel is incredibly light and durable and durable. It is a standard longboard size (36 In x 9.4 In x 5.9 In) and weighs approximately 15 pounds. It also has a very respectable 1800W output, with a top speed of 18 MPH, along with a maximum range of around 12 miles. This is a great mid to senior board for beginners and equestrian experts.Munkyboards SK-1200BL 1200W Remote Control Electric Skateboard Buy Now – around $1,550

Now, back to some of the high-end cards, the features, and the performance that will blow you away. Munkyboards SK-1200BL is equipped with a powerful 1200W, 36V motor that allows it to reach speeds of up to 28 MPH. That’s right – 28. With about 16 mph at max speed and a Lithium-Ion battery with a 4-6 hour charge time, this ride is a no-brainer for those with the substantial cash to buy one. However, perhaps the most important feature of this board is its wheels. The SK-1200BL is equipped with large “all-terrain” rubber wheels with incredibly good handling. Oh, and its beautiful Canadian maple wood and Bluetooth remote control isn’t anything to skip any of, either.Inboard Technology M1 Buy Now – $1,399

Another highly-priced yet impressive electric skateboard is the Inboard Technology M1. This dark and rather sinister board is extremely popular with more experienced riders and comes with a power shift battery; There are also integrated LED lights (white at the front and red at the rear) providing the driver with additional safety by making passenger cars and pedestrians more visible at night. The M1 (with a maximum speed of 22 MPH and a range of about 8 miles) adds a surprisingly light yet robust wood-core composite material, increasing agility, and comes with a 1000-watt motor, Bluetooth connectivity, and electronic regenerative. break. A strong option for drivers who can afford it.SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard Buy Now – $209

The last three electric skateboards on our list might be considered “budget” boards, but they still pack some great features and deserve a mention. This SwagBoard NG-1 is an extremely cool and portable board with a 24 V battery that can carry up to 12 MPH at around 10 mph on a single charge. Too shabby for an entry-level board and perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience being on their board in the first place. They were also impressed by the NG-1’s polyurethane wheels, which are extremely durable and provide a smooth driving experience. Its maple wood deck and premium grip tape also mean this thing is really hard to fall off unless you’re going after some crazy tricks. Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard Buy Now – $324

Another impressive board for folks on a budget is the Atom Electric H.4. With a lightweight and compact 400W motor, this motherboard feels like a regular longboard. Regenerative braking also means you can feel safe down those steep hills, and Atom is known for its friendly and prompt customer service (which is always a plus). The H.4 also features a kickboard deck shape that provides greater control and can reach speeds of around 10 MPH. The nimble and realistic spin ability of this board is also notable, and those familiar with regular skateboarding will appreciate the feel. Buy Acton Blink Lite – $249

Finally, we arrive at the Acton Blink Lite, which claims to be the world’s lightest electric skateboard. And while we haven’t personally evaluated the veracity of this claim, the time you picked up this little guy is believable. Like other cards in this price range, its top speed (around 10 MPH), for the price, this motherboard is pretty reliable, relatively secure (it has built-in LED security lights), and a respectable 5 mph on a single charge. And if you can run out of juice, don’t worry. This motherboard lives up to the name, weighing just 7.7 pounds; meaning you can easily pick it up and return home to charge when needed. Considering the weight, price, regenerative braking, and integrated LED lighting system, this board is perfect for young kids looking to find a new way to school or work.

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Triumph TE-1 shades lights on Triumph’s Electric future



Triumph TE-1 shades lights on Triumph’s Electric future

Triumph’s half production-ready all-electric prototype has the potential to change the way we think about performance electric motorcycles.

Triumph may soon become the Tesla of two wheels
Triumph may soon become the Tesla of two wheels

The gradual ditching of pistons has been the recent trend as more and more automotive manufacturers are coming into the game. Triumph is no exception except the fact that Triumph is developing a game-changer electric motorcycle rather than just an electric offering in their lineup. Although there have been really fast electric vehicles out there, the electric motorcycle market has not really gained momentum as compared to electric cars. There’s where Triumph is planning to invade the market with its upcoming Electric motorcycle whose prototype name is given as Triumph TE-1. Let’s find out what’s hot.

When and how did it all start?

About 2 years ago Triumph announced that they are collaborating with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and WMG to develop an all-new electric motorcycle platform and all the related integrated systems. The goal is to enhance the credibility and show off the capability of British engineering by developing technology and an ecosystem for the future of electric mobility.

Triumph wanted to develop an electric motorcycle that would be something that no one has ever seen. They have communicated with their customers to know what they want from their future Triumph motorcycle and acted accordingly. Halfway down the development, Triumph has revealed some details about the new drivetrain, battery, and some prototype sketches of the TE-1.

The official sketch- Design

A futuristic-looking Motorcycle with the silhouette of the legendary Speed Triple
A futuristic-looking Motorcycle with the silhouette of the legendary Speed Triple

Triumph has officially made statements about the upcoming electric motorcycle to be inspired from their street and speed triple family and their released sketches depict the same. It draws upon the key design features of their naked bike lineup but with an even more angular, sharp, and slanted forward stance.

The official sketches reflect a careful overlapping of the traditional Triumph design elements along with futuristic design hints. Even with all its eye-catching lines and design, the Triumph TE 1 concept doesn’t scream about its electric drivetrain and looks quite conventional.

The drivetrain-

 Imagine getting an output of 180 horsepower from a motor that weighs less than 10 Kgs!!
Imagine getting an output of 180 horsepower from a motor that weighs less than 10 Kgs!!

Triumph along with the collaborating company- The Integral Powertrain has tried to make the drivetrain as light as possible and as compact as possible. This is achieved by integrating the electric motor with the inverter into a single compact unit. The resultant motor has been tremendously light and small as compared to anything available on the market, with the scale tipping just over 10 kgs.

Not just the weight, but the power output density has been taken care of as well. Intensive focus and effort have been given by the collaboration to make an electric drivetrain capable of squeezing a lot of power from itself. As a result, the mere 10kg engine was able to produce over 130kw (180bhp) of power in a bench test, which is unmatched by any standards.

The Heart of the Triumph TE-1

The Uber compact Battery and the traction motor sitting in the lower extremities of the motorcycle frame to provide the lowest possible centre of gravity….
The Uber compact Battery and the traction motor sitting in the lower extremities of the motorcycle frame to provide the lowest possible centre of gravity…

At the heart of any electric vehicle, the battery has been the main limiting factor in terms of performance, weight, range, and reliability. Triumph has taken feedbacks from all its potential customers and designed everything according to what they want in a  performance electric motorcycle. The battery pack is designed in such a way to ensure the power delivery is constant regardless of battery charge level, whereas other EVs will witness a drop in performance as the charge plummets.WAE merged two cell chemistry thus enhancing high energy density as well as high power density, providing more power for a longer period of time. With the resultant battery pack, they have pushed the boundaries in the battery department to make the unit as compact and as light as possible while making sure of the optimum position of the battery pack within the frameset. This would ensure a lightweight machine with a perfect distribution which would make for a fantastic handling motorcycle.

What about the production-ready model?

Normally the production-ready version of all vehicles differs quite a bit from the concept version, but we could see a near-identical styling of the production-ready model from the concept Triumph TE 1 as it’s not like any other offering from Triumph stable.

Triumph also officially stated that a rideable version of the prototype model is on the cards in 2021, however, the production version could take another year to be revealed. Sadly Triumph might not bring it to the Indian shores anytime soon. Considering the electric vehicle price in India to be highly sensitive, Triumph might not want to risk the failure of such a premium offering in the Indian Market


             Probably the best machine to start the electric motorcycle revolution
             Probably the best machine to start the electric motorcycle revolution

The prototype Triumph TE-1 is an all-out effort to develop not just a revolutionary electric performance-oriented motorcycle, but develop an advanced, refined, and flawless technology for futureproofing performance-oriented motorcycles. With the new technology, Triumph can successfully end the stereotype of electric motorcycles to be slow, boring heavy, and less capable, as the new TE 1 is a good 80% more powerful than its closest competitor, Harley Davidson livewire and the Zero SR/S. With a major Motorcycle manufacturer like Triumph, taking a huge stride in the Electric motorcycle market, their production-ready version of the TE 01 seems to be a start of a new era of two-wheeled Electric mobility. But again, always gives significance to the charging infrastructure before the EV themselves. Thus Triumph along with other manufacturers needs to step into the charging infrastructure as well, thus helping to create an entire electric ecosystem for two-wheelers. If everything goes well, Triumph along with its collaboration has the potential to do to the electric two-wheeler market what Tesla did to the Electric car market.

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World’s 10 Most Expensive Laptops



ten most expensive laptops.

The evolution of technology has surprised humanity. There is no more requirement for an old desktop computer. The most expensive laptops (Gaming Laptops) have taken their place. Technology becomes cheaper when it gets excessive use. But, the applications make a device expensive. If a laptop is high-priced, the first and foremost feature is to ensure security from cyber theft.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence shows that there will be more and more expensive, smarter, and rugged laptops developed shortly.

A laptop has several features. Everyone may define the expensiveness of laptops differently. One may consider the gold or diamond plating the essential element that makes it expensive. The other may take its power as a critical characteristic. But the price is a vital feature in the perspective of expensiveness.

Let us see the top ten most expensive laptops.

1. MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook

MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook is number 1 as the most expensive laptop in the world. Its price is 3.5 million US Dollars. Now, what makes it costly? Its body is gold and diamond plated. Its colour is black and white. Its other expensive versions include Sony Vaio BlackWood, Asus Lamborghini Platinum Crocodile, ASUS Epic VIP Swarovski, and Acer Ferrari Gold Python. It contains high-priced leather, such as croc or snakeskin, luxury gadgets accessories, and a gold-coloured mouse.

2. Luvaglio: one million dollar laptop

Luvaglio is the world’s second most expensive laptop, costing 1 million US Dollars. There are diamonds embedded in the body of this laptop. Its memory is 128 GB and is available in metal as well as wood. It comes with ten years warranty. Its screen is 17”, having a self-cleaning feature. The Luvaglio laptop supports fingerprint ignition, thus providing complete security from theft or misuse. It powers on/off from a diamond button. It is a fully customized laptop, i.e., the user can set the design, specs, and material according to his own choice.

3. Tulip EGO Diamond

A Dutch company has specifically designed the Tulip EGO Diamond laptop for those who can afford it. It is worth 355k US Dollars. Its memory is 160 GB, RAM is 2 GB, and the processor is AMD. It is made up of white-colored golden plates of solid palladium and eighty carats diamonds. Even the tulip logo has been made using two square-cut rubies. It is more suitable for a typical user than for a professional because its design is more attractive than its functionality.


EGO is a famous brand that has introduced a car and a laptop matching the vehicle shape. Its cost is 20000 US Dollars. Its manual decoration of white gold and leather cover makes it expensive. Its memory is 160 GB, and the processor is AMD Turion four mobile processor. The company has only issued 250 laptops complementing their car. It is a multi-tasking computer. It contains twelve specific keys shortcuts to various applications, including a webcam, Bluetooth, and WiFi.


Voodoo Envy H171 comes in two versions. The cheaper one costs around 4500 USD while the expensive one is worth 8500 US Dollars. It comes with twenty-four designs. The user can choose whatever design he likes. Its memory is 600 GB with three drives, and the processor is Core 2 extreme. It has a 1.3 MP camera, and the hard disk is dual. Its screen is seventeen inches. The company launched its first version in 2007. The tech gurus considered it the most expensive and powerful laptop and objected to its price.

6. MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold

Apple MacBooks are very expensive all around the world. Now, it introduces MacBook Pro costing 6000 US Dollars. It will not be wrong to say that Apple has showered this laptop with gold.

There is a diamond fixed in its logo. It has become much popular in the tech community. Its memory is 256 GB, and Apple has used a soft touch technique to design it.


Rock Xtreme is the 7th most expensive laptop worldwide. It is a gaming laptop and, no doubt, the most powerful one. Its price is 5500 US Dollars in the market. It also has another great feature, making it a single laptop, i.e., its speed is the fastest. You will be curious to know about the processor that makes it so. That is Intel Core 2-Quad. Its memory is 256 GB, and the company is based in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Rock Xtreme could not get as much success in the UK as they expected.


In the ranking of most expensive laptops, ALIENWARE AREA 51 M15X is at 8th rank. Its market price is 5000 US Dollars. Its speed is ultra-fast and looks quite sophisticated. Its memory is 200 GB, and the processor is Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000. It could not get many sales because of its clumsy and massive appearance.


Lenovo Thinkpad W700DS costs 4500 US Dollars. Its performance is high because of its 4GB RAM. It comes with 128 GB memory and Intel Core 3 Extreme QX9300 processor. Its unique feature is its auxiliary screen, i.e., 1st dual display laptop in the whole world. It boots in a short time, say 1 minute or even less. But now, the company has stopped selling it.


The performance of the Dell M6400 is excellent. It costs 3000 US Dollars. Concerning the price, we can rank it the 10th most expensive laptop around the globe. The tech gurus regard it as the best scalable laptop. Its storage capacity is one TB. The interface used in this laptop is SATA. It is suitable for professional developers, designers, analysts, animators, and engineers.

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Muneer Lyati- a Mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia, is famous for his research on the automobile industry.



Mecca, Saud Arabia (August 27, 2021): Muneer Majahed Lyati is a brilliant and successful mechanical engineer who assumes a fundamental part in propelling the car business. Because of his mastery in motors and vehicles, the trained specialist has successfully trained freshers. 

Muneer Lyati was born on November 16, 1982, in Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia. He accomplished his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in the wake of continuing from Jeddah College of Technology. The vehicle business exceptionally propelled him. He achieved monstrous recognition in his 20s and thrived in the space due to his stunning specialized data, the scope of capacities, and high GPA of 3.86 out of 5.

Muneer has made his name in the automobile industry. He is much famous in the Arabian continent. He received many awards at domestic levels for his achievement. He is known for his achievement in Electric vehicles. 

Muneer has consistently been an all-rounder, and even in his school days, he dealt with the extra educational program and studies well together. Being a secretary for the engineering student association, Lyati experienced composing updates, requiring minutes of the association, and introducing them to the individuals. 

It further developed his relational abilities, and presently he has excellent order of talking and composing English. He additionally went through a short instructional class in English, which further cleaned his abilities.

Lyati’s English courses empowered him to figure out how to talk familiar English and compose articles about electric vehicles in English. His distributed compositions incorporate articles about artificial intelligence and electric vehicle. 

Mr. Lyati has significant computer abilities also, as he took courses in his school. These abilities remember working for PowerPoint introductions and utilizing MS-Excel, MS-Word, Mat Lab, Auto Cad, Solid System, SAP framework, and Carriage work.

Muneer Lyati has been able to fulfill his objectives because of his individuality and hard work. He has accumulated a great deal of skill and prepared various understudies throughout his ten years in the field. He respects how data has no age limit and that learning and growing new capacities have no limits. He means to assemble his disconnected store before long, which will be reported on his site, where he will likewise declare his impending advancements.

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