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What to Do If Your Amazon Fire Tablet Has No Sound



What to Do If Your Amazon Fire Tablet Has No Sound

The popularity of the Amazon Fire tablet has probably even taken Amazon by surprise. It has sold millions and still sells very well, thanks to an excellent price and regular discounts. The Fire tablet is very good hardware for the money, but problems inevitably arise when you sell it in such quantities. One of the most common is that the Amazon Fire tablet does not include audio.

As far as user feedback goes on the Fire tablet, this no sound issue happens when using speakers or headphones, but both. There are several troubleshooting steps we can do for sound issues and they are pretty high level. When these will finish, you replace the speakers or the tablet itself.

Before we do that, let’s troubleshoot Fire tablet sound issues.

Amazon Fire tablet has no sound from speakers

If your speakers are not working on your Amazon Fire tablet, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps we can do.

control volume

It sounds incredible, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook the simplest checks. The volume buttons are on the outside of the Fire tablet and can be easily pressed accidentally. Test the sound by pressing the volume up button several times. You should see the on-screen volume slider change and ideally, you should listen to the media being played.

Try different media

Another easily overlooked troubleshooting tip is to try different media. If you’re watching a movie, try an MP3. If you’re on YouTube, try Pandora. Try a few different media types to make sure it’s a tablet or speaker before you try too hard.

Restart the fire tablet

If you’ve been using your Fire tablet for a long time or just want to be sure, force a soft reboot to refresh all the settings and hopefully you will get sound through these speakers.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds until the screen goes black.
  2. Wait for a few second to make sure it is close completely.
  3. Press and hold the power button again to start.

If the problem is software, a reboot should address it. After Fire OS reinstall, try sound again and see what happens.

Try headphones

If you have a pair of headphones, plug them into the jack and see what happens. If there is sound, there may be a problem with the speakers. when if there is no sound and you have already changed the sound source and rebooted, it may be a more serious hardware problem.

Amazon Fire tablet has no sound with headphones

The basic troubleshooting steps for headphones are the same as for speakers. Check the volume and make sure your Fire tablet is not muted, try different sound sources, and restart the tablet. If the problem persists, there are a few things to check.

Check the seats of the headphones

Make sure your headphones are firmly seated in the socket as the headphone jacks are badly weak. The specific shape of both means that the jack plug must be securely in place and should be obvious when connected correctly. This is not always the case, so perform a visual check and do not try to pull the jack plug too far.

Try different headphones

If you have multiple headsets, swap them for testing. Or try your headphones on a different device to prove it works. Any device will do, as long as you know audio works.

Clear jack

Jack sockets are like hub holes as they collect dust and dirt. The only safe way to clean the headphone jack is to use compressed air. If you have some around, use the precision nozzle to pull it into the headphone jack and push the dirt out.

You can also perform a visual check using a flashlight to make sure nothing is blocking the jack. This shouldn’t be an issue once your headset is in place, but it’s better to check.

If none of these tricks work and your Amazon Fire tablet still has no sound, you can try to force a software update or do a factory reset. After that, your only alternative is to return the Fire tablet if it’s under warranty or replaces the speaker, which isn’t for the faint-hearted.


A Professional Print Designer for Your Business



print design

Setting up your own company online is indeed a simple task. It is not easy to build your brand image by attracting people to your business. You need to work on marketing strategies to sustain yourself in the competitive market. Digital marketing has evolved over years. However, conventional techniques like printing product images, posters, flyers, business cards, and brochures are the key elements for marketing strategies.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Print Designer

Printing design involves designing and creating materials. You need to get the designs printed physically. It is important to choose the best materials for printing. It enhances the recognition of your brand. Also, it provides a better reputation. Features of D4Design Studios are as follows:

  1. Company Skills

The print designers have the ability to work on distinct design elements and projects simultaneously.

  • Time Management

A good printing designer is able to work against strict timelines. He or she possesses excellent skills when it comes to managing time. They also produce high-quality work even under tremendous pressure.

  • Communication Skills

A print designer knows how to communicate verbally with the advertising and design teams. Besides, they are extremely good at written communication. This helps in conveying simple messages through designs.

  • Pay Attention to Every Single Detail

This is one of the most attractive features of a good print designer. When you choose the best print design companies, you need not worry much. They pay attention to every piece of design. They also grasp the concepts with a glimpse.

  • Computer & Digital Skills

Print designers are undoubtedly the most skilled people, especially in the field of computers and digital technology. They use software programs like Adobe Photoshop to deliver the best work to their clients.

  • Problem-Solving

The print designers have the best skills to resolve problems. They work under pressure and overcome all kinds of hurdles. They discover different ways to come up with the best designs.

How Is Print Design Different from Digital Design?

The key difference is that print designs show up on labels, billboards, brochures, and boxes, unlike digital designs. The print design involves the physical presence of a person or media whereas digital designs can be seen on digital platforms and websites. Some of the key benefits of print designers include:

  1. High Quality

The printing companies use advanced technologies. Hence, the printing devices can handle a bundle of papers. There is no compromise when it comes to quality. The finish is excellent, which is not possible in a regular printing machine.

  • Speed

The commercial printing companies offer all your printing requirements in no time. Professional printing companies come to the best use when you have deadlines to meet at work.

  • Convenience

There are graphic designers in the team who make it all seem so easy. Simply choose the design you require or leave it to the designers to do it for you. It is highly convenient as you don’t have to wrack your brains for ideas. Whether it is a brochure, notebook, or a business card, the printing companies can print anything you want.

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Amazon Fire Tablet Gets Stuck in Fastboot Mode



Amazon Fire Tablet Gets Stuck in Fastboot Mode

We’ve been extremely obscure about the Amazon Fire tablet lately, which prompted a TechJunkie reader to ask about an old Kindle Fire HD model stuck in fastboot mode. So what do you do when your Amazon Fire tablet gets stuck in fastboot mode?

A fastboot mode is an Android tool that lets you bypass a device’s normal boot order to load your own or mess with the operating system. Instead of automatically booting a device into Android or Fire OS, you can hack your directory or root your device or replace system files.

Amazon Fire tablet stuck in fastboot mode

There are two main reasons for the Amazon Fire tablet to stay in fastboot mode, a software issue on the vanilla device or a failed root. Rooting is where you install the third-party OS on a device instead of using the default. Our reader hadn’t mentioned anything about rooting their device, so these instructions are more tailored towards a bugging device.

Usually, you need to invoke fastboot mode by connecting the device to a computer and using the Android SDK to interrupt the normal boot sequence. Sometimes a software bug or glitch will cause the device to enter fast mode on its own. This is the second I’ll be here.

Before you do anything, if your Amazon tablet is still under warranty, I suggest you let Amazon take care of it. You can also benefit from having the warranty, although none other than the final solution will void your warranty.

Reset Fire tablet to exit fastboot mode

Chances are, you’ve currently tried turning your Fire tablet off and back on to try and get rid of this boot loop, but let us try again. Follow these steps exactly to make sure you do it in the most effective way possible.

  1. Press and hold the power button on your Fire tablet for 20 seconds until the screen turns black.
  2. Wait a few seconds.
  3. Fire again with the power button.

If you’re lucky, Fire OS will install normally. This is the first troubleshooting recommended by Amazon and it works in many cases so hopefully, it works for you too. Many users on the Amazon forums say that this method works for them once their Fire tablet boots. I hope it will work for you.

Force system update to exit fastboot mode

Another thing that can help your Fire tablet get out of fastboot mode is to force an OS update. You can do this outside of the OS so you can potentially help in this situation. Following steps will put the Fire tablet into a different mode that will download any update from Amazon, install it, and then boot it.

  1. Press and hold the volume up button and power button on the fire tablet for 40 seconds.
  2. Keep increasing the volume and release the power button until you see the message ‘Installing the latest software’ on the screen.
  3. Allow the update to download and install and your Fire tablet will reboot.

Because the update is called by a button array, it is initialized before the quick connect. With any luck, it will install a new code version over the bugs and allow you to load your Fire tablet normally.

Optional – Factory reset your Fire tablet

Most instances of Amazon Fire tablets getting stuck in fastboot mode were persistent, but I did mention a few users with intermittent issues. Sometimes Fire would boot normally and sometimes it would get stuck in fastboot mode. I don’t know exactly how this works, but apparently.

If you’re one of those lucky few, try doing a factory reset if your Fire tablet is good enough to boot normally. This should overwrite the misbehaving part of the operating system. You will lose all your data, so save everything before trying.


  1. Swipe down from the Fire home screen to access the menu.
  2. Choose Settings and Device Options.
  3. Select Reset to Factory Defaults.
  4. Select Reset to confirm the reset.

This will completely wipe your Fire tablet and return it to stock. It might work if the fastboot issue is caused by a misconfiguration, bad app, or something the game needs to overwrite.

Use Android SDK to exit fastboot mode

Usually right now would be a good time to suggest a factory reset of your Fire tablet. However, you can only do this from within Fire OS or if your tablet loads intermittently. We can reset and update the fire with button arrays, we cannot factory reset the same. So our last option is to use the Android SDK to make our Fire tablet talk to the computer.

This allows me to install some drivers from Android Studio where I only work on Windows computers, connect my Fire tablet to your computer via USB, and use the command line to get my Fire tablet back in line.

Android studio will be found here. Download and install Android Studio and then follow the instructions in the XDA Developers forum in these two blog posts. Window driver set here. Managing fastboot mode here.

As you can see from the pages above, there’s a lot to do with installing Android Studio and running on a Windows computer, but it seems like the only way to get out of fastboot mode without doing further damage or returning the Fire tablet to Amazon.

I suggest you read both pages first and proceed just by making sure you know what you are doing and are confident of success.

If your Amazon Fire tablets are stucks in fastboot mode. The first two seem to have fixed the issue for many users, but not everyone. I’ve never done the last solution, I can’t say for sure if it works but the feedback on posts seems to do it.

If you try the Android Studio solution, let us know how it goes. I would like to know. In fact, let us know as other users will really benefit from your experience if you try any of these methods and fix your Fever!

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Top 10 Electric Skateboards



electric skateboard

Powered skateboards admittedly had a somewhat rocky start. They first saw the light of day in the mid-’70s, but because they had to be gasoline-powered, they emitted a hideously loud and massive odor. Now, however, electric skateboards offer an exciting alternative to regular skateboards and hoverboards and have become unparalleled popularity for campus travelers and urban commuters who want to get from point A to point B with minimal effort and maximum style. Powered by an electric motor, these boards are usually remotely controlled, and some can reach speeds of up to about 30 MPH. There are about 20 different large companies that manufacture these electric skateboards, and there are about 50 individual boards to choose from. We’ve ranked the top ten best boards so you don’t have to experiment.

There are several important factors to consider when buying an electric skateboard: Construction, range, weight, wheels, breakouts, battery type, torque, etc. Some of these variants are more important to riders than others, so please take this list as we believe we have the best quality in the Top ten boards – not the boards that will be the best for everyone.

That being said, this is our top-rated electric skateboard. The Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard comes with white, orange, or green wheels and has unique features that set it apart from other skateboards in this price range.

For starters, this card just looks great from all angles. It is a rather lean, solid, and well-made board, with strong but strong colors that are not too flashy. It can also reach speeds of up to 20 MPH and go 20 miles per charge at max speed. Hellfire also has a lightweight, 2.5-hour battery, which is crucial when it comes to electric skateboards as it makes up a large portion of the battery’s overall weight and range.

We were also impressed with this board’s ability to conquer some steep hills. It could easily climb at angles of up to 20 degrees. (This of course depends on the weight of the rider. We tested this with a 170-pound drive, but the board can handle someone up to 264 pounds.) This board’s impressive climbing ability doesn’t come from a powerful 800W motor in a small piece. It has a charging time of only 2.5 hours.

And we know this might not sound like a huge deal, but unlike many other electrical panels, the Hellfire comes fully assembled – so you can start riding the second you open the box.Runner Up Upgraded Dual + 2000W Electric Skateboard Buy Now – Around $1,299

A major factor in deciding which board to put the #1 spot on was cost. For the average person considering entering the world of electric skateboards, getting into quad treads is simply out of the question. However, for those of you who have money to throw around, this board might be the one for you.

Right after the battalion, the name should catch your attention. Yes, this Boosted board is powered by a 2,000-watt motor, giving this board the best torque and raw power we’ve seen in an electric skateboard. And this motherboard’s dual-drive system means you can accelerate from any hill at almost unbelievable speed and then brake to a full stop on your turn.

We’re also impressed with the extra smooth transitions between different speeds on this card. Some of the cards in the triple-digit range had what appeared to be the pesky speed measurement, which led to slightly jarring movements when changing power levels.

The overall build quality and feel of this card are also pretty impressive. It’s made of 100% bamboo and you can really feel it while you ride. This board has incredible flexibility, handling, and maneuverability – all features that will be music to the ears of surfers and snowboarders, which is why many electric skateboards are dissatisfied with the relatively stiff feel. Everyone else Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Buy Now – $599

Now, back to electrical panels in the price range of a normal human budget. This Maxfind Dual Motor board is a great choice for someone who has more money than a Genesis Hellfire pickup and has many of the same features but a different look. The Maxfind comes equipped with a super reliable Samsung Lithium-ion battery and weighs in at just 12 pounds, it’s incredibly portable and feels smooth, especially around curves. It has a charge time of 60 minutes, which is quite reasonable, however, its maximum speed is 17 MPH, which may be a factor for those who like the 20 MPH hack. Its maximum mileage is around 10 miles, which is respectably more, and its 8-ply maple frame means you won’t be smashing this board any time soon. In general, this cardYuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard Buy Now – $599

Around the same price as the Maxfind, the Yuneec E-GO2 is an electric motor longboard – capable of going at reasonable speeds (up to around 13 MPH depending on the rider’s weight) at impressive speeds (about 18 mph). . Given this card’s sleek, clean look, range, and speed, we recommend this card to anyone who doesn’t spend a lot of time riding a board in general: non-skaters, non-surfers, and the non-snowboarders among us. The E-GO2 is an excellent starting point as it gives you a reliable positive braking system, reliable and fast-acting cruise control, and kick-up shape that gives you more control and better steering. This board was also able to survive light rain. This means when you run out of water and need to walk home, Benchwheel Dual 1800W Electric Skateboard B2 Buy Now – $549

The first thing that stands out about this Benchwheel board is its cool design. The bottom of the board has a gorgeous finish of three base layers of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing boards on our list. This wood combination also gives the rider excellent grip, while the Benchwheel is incredibly light and durable and durable. It is a standard longboard size (36 In x 9.4 In x 5.9 In) and weighs approximately 15 pounds. It also has a very respectable 1800W output, with a top speed of 18 MPH, along with a maximum range of around 12 miles. This is a great mid to senior board for beginners and equestrian experts.Munkyboards SK-1200BL 1200W Remote Control Electric Skateboard Buy Now – around $1,550

Now, back to some of the high-end cards, the features, and the performance that will blow you away. Munkyboards SK-1200BL is equipped with a powerful 1200W, 36V motor that allows it to reach speeds of up to 28 MPH. That’s right – 28. With about 16 mph at max speed and a Lithium-Ion battery with a 4-6 hour charge time, this ride is a no-brainer for those with the substantial cash to buy one. However, perhaps the most important feature of this board is its wheels. The SK-1200BL is equipped with large “all-terrain” rubber wheels with incredibly good handling. Oh, and its beautiful Canadian maple wood and Bluetooth remote control isn’t anything to skip any of, either.Inboard Technology M1 Buy Now – $1,399

Another highly-priced yet impressive electric skateboard is the Inboard Technology M1. This dark and rather sinister board is extremely popular with more experienced riders and comes with a power shift battery; There are also integrated LED lights (white at the front and red at the rear) providing the driver with additional safety by making passenger cars and pedestrians more visible at night. The M1 (with a maximum speed of 22 MPH and a range of about 8 miles) adds a surprisingly light yet robust wood-core composite material, increasing agility, and comes with a 1000-watt motor, Bluetooth connectivity, and electronic regenerative. break. A strong option for drivers who can afford it.SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard Buy Now – $209

The last three electric skateboards on our list might be considered “budget” boards, but they still pack some great features and deserve a mention. This SwagBoard NG-1 is an extremely cool and portable board with a 24 V battery that can carry up to 12 MPH at around 10 mph on a single charge. Too shabby for an entry-level board and perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience being on their board in the first place. They were also impressed by the NG-1’s polyurethane wheels, which are extremely durable and provide a smooth driving experience. Its maple wood deck and premium grip tape also mean this thing is really hard to fall off unless you’re going after some crazy tricks. Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard Buy Now – $324

Another impressive board for folks on a budget is the Atom Electric H.4. With a lightweight and compact 400W motor, this motherboard feels like a regular longboard. Regenerative braking also means you can feel safe down those steep hills, and Atom is known for its friendly and prompt customer service (which is always a plus). The H.4 also features a kickboard deck shape that provides greater control and can reach speeds of around 10 MPH. The nimble and realistic spin ability of this board is also notable, and those familiar with regular skateboarding will appreciate the feel. Buy Acton Blink Lite – $249

Finally, we arrive at the Acton Blink Lite, which claims to be the world’s lightest electric skateboard. And while we haven’t personally evaluated the veracity of this claim, the time you picked up this little guy is believable. Like other cards in this price range, its top speed (around 10 MPH), for the price, this motherboard is pretty reliable, relatively secure (it has built-in LED security lights), and a respectable 5 mph on a single charge. And if you can run out of juice, don’t worry. This motherboard lives up to the name, weighing just 7.7 pounds; meaning you can easily pick it up and return home to charge when needed. Considering the weight, price, regenerative braking, and integrated LED lighting system, this board is perfect for young kids looking to find a new way to school or work.

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