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How to organize an Instagram contest? A quick guide



Instagram contest

If you run a company profile on Instagram, you definitely want to promote your brand and reach as many potential customers as possible. A great way to do this is to prepare a contest that will help you increase your profile’s reach and gain new followers. Organizing a contest on Instagram, however, often raises many doubts. Are you wondering how to carry out such an action properly and legally? What to do to bring the expected results? What should you remember and what mistakes should not be made? You will find the answers in the article.

How to prepare an Instagram contest?

An Instagram contest should be carefully thought out. Sometimes a contest is unattractive to the audience, so that very few people take part in it. It also happens that the action does not bring satisfactory results, and the organizer only bears the costs. So when you decide to organize a contest, there are a few things to think about first.

Determine what the purpose of the contest is

Let’s start with the fact that you should always define the goal of the competition at the beginning. What is the brand supposed to achieve thanks to the competition? So think about whether you want, for example:

  • increase brand awareness,
  • increase sales,
  • can it increase the number of followers?

Of course, it may be that one competition has different goals. However, it is always worth choosing one superior and basing your actions on it.

Specify the audience

The next step is to define the audience. Obviously, it should be consistent with the target group of the company/brand. However, there are two options: the contest is directed to a new potential customer, but also … to people who are already a customer.

In the latter case, the competition task may be, for example, the publication of a photo with the purchased product. This idea sometimes uses, for example, by fashion brands that ask for an interesting outfit that includes a specific item of clothing (for example, a handbag, shoes, or a dress). So think about who you want to reach and what goal to achieve.

Choose the appropriate reward

As you know, the competition cannot take place without a prize. First, the prize should be attractive to the target audience. Secondly, it must be related to your brand or product offer. Some offer very costly rewards that do not apply to their industry. Such competition may and may attract many people, but does it bring any real benefits to the company? Not necessarily. The user who take part in the campaign usually leave the profile immediately after its completion and are no longer shows interest in it.

Apart from the jackpot, it is also worth offering, for example, prizes for second and third place, or several “consolation prizes”. This way you will appreciate the work of many people. Thanks to this, there is a chance that the competition will be more popular.

Come up with an interesting competition task

The competition task is the factor that has the greatest impact on how many people will take part in the competition. It shouldn’t be complicated. The large number of conditions met can be discouraging. So the rules must be simple and clear.

In addition, the task is to be constructed in such a way that it can be assessed later and the winner can be selected. Better to avoid drawing winners. Why? You can read about it later in the article. It is a good idea to have an “answer question …” style task to choose the most creative answer.

Frequent conditions for contests on Instagram are marking a selected friend in the comment under the contest post and observing the organizer’s profile. These are actually very simple rules, but are they worth using? Not everyone want to tag a friend in the comment, just as not everyone like to tag.

As for the condition that applies to the observation of the profile, in fact, thanks to this, you will gain new followers in a short time. The only question is for how long. After the hand is over, these people may leave you just as quickly.

So maybe it’s better if you don’t force them to follow you, and instead suggest that you just please when a participant sees your profile. If someone really shows interest in your profile, they will click the “Follow” button anyway and stay with you. It is better to build a valuable and engaged group than to gain random followers.

Don’t forget about the competition rules

Remember that in order to be able to legally run a competition on Instagram or on another social networking site, you must prepare detailed regulations. You can publish it on your website, for example, and inform the contestants that they can find it there. The rules of the competition should include :

  • organizer data,
  • requirements for people who can take part in the competition, e.g. restrictions on age or place of residence,
  • exact rules of the competition,
  • criteria / rules for selecting the winner,
  • list of awards,
  • competition schedule,
  • complaint rules,
  • rules for the processing and protection of personal data.

In addition, in accordance with the promotion guidelines, the terms and conditions should also include “full release of Instagram from liability by each participant” and “information that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or carried out by Instagram or associated with it in any way. ”

How to organize a Instagram contest in accordance with the law?

On Instagram, you can often come across lottery deals where fate is the deciding factor for winning, not specific criteria. However, it is better to avoid this form of giving out prizes. Why? Well, a promotional lottery, which resembles a gambling game, is governed by completely different rules than the competition. Organizing a promotional lottery is not prohibited, but requires permits and payment of a fee. In the event of failure to comply with numerous formalities, a high fine can be awarded for an inconspicuous competitionYou can read more about this in the Gambling Act.

So, as you can see, it is better to give up these types of deals and the aforementioned conditions of participation in the competition, which are: tagging friends, observing the profile, and sharing the competition post.

In conclusion: what should a legal Instagram contest look like?

  • The winner of the contest should be SELECTED, not RANDOM.
  • It is best if the competition task requires creative thinking from the participants.
  • The competition must contain regulations with all the necessary information and elements.
  • The competition should comply with the Instagram regulations and the law (GDPR, copyright).
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How to see what you liked on Instagram



How to see what you liked on Instagram

You can view all the photos you liked and maybe forgot on Instagram. Posts liked on Instagram are kept under record. You can see all the posts you like in the Settings section, you can choose the posts you like, unsubscribe, and delete them. For Android and iPhone users, we will explain with pictures how to see all the posts you like on Instagram.

Many Instagram users are wondering, “How to see what you liked on Instagram”. When you like a photo or video shared on Instagram, these are recorded under “Posts You Like”.

Another curious subject is “How can I see the comments I like on Instagram “and “See my comments on Instagram “. Liked posts can be seen, but comments and like comments on Instagram are not visible. Let’s now explain how to see the liked posts on android and iOS with pictures.

Seeing Posts I’ve liked on Instagram

Open the Instagram app and go to the Profile tab.

Tap the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

On the page that opens, select the Account option.

Select Posts You Like.

When you select the Posts You Like option, you can see all the photos and videos you like. You can view the post and un-like it by tapping the post. Thus, that post will be deleted from the posts you liked.

In the past, when you liked a post on Instagram, people who followed you could see it, but with the update to Instagram, this event has disappeared. Now no one can see the comments you make and the posts you like. In order for someone to see the posts you like, they need to access your Instagram account.

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The Four of Wands Cards in Love and Social life Meaning.



Four of Wands Card

The meaning of the Four of Wands Cards in the Tarot indicates that you have an island of peace where you can find joy. Maybe this is a company of old friends, or maybe a house. Even if it seems to you that there is no such place, it is not like that. If you look closely, you’ll definitely notice.

The meaning of the Four of the Tarot Sticks makes the answer to any question asked to the cards favorable to the questioner. Everything will happen exactly as you need it. Losses will be minimal or none.

The Four of Clubs in the Tarot symbolizes peace, prosperity, and harmony. The business you are doing is going well. If there were difficulties before, now resources and mental balance are expected to be restored. Long-term efforts toward the goal will soon pay off. If the next step in the work is ahead, it’s best to rest before starting it and build on what you’ve already achieved. A period of peace and tranquility arrives; get the maximum pleasure out of it.

Inverted 4 of Tarot Sticks indicate that the fortune teller is temporarily unable to feel joy and enjoy life. You can’t trust even the closest people, maybe there’s a reason for that or it’s already existed. The card recommends postponing plans for better times – now it’s more important to restore peace of mind. In this state, everything will work out, when the positive attitude returns, everything will come out the way you need it. Now learn to enjoy life and communicate with others

Four of Wands Cards Warning.

The four of Wands cards in the Tarot warns that something unexpected may also arise and this will bring you vigor and yield good moments. This card is the representation of a celebration in life, of natural events and independence. Your emotional side will be fortified and your heart will only enter good energies and positive thoughts. The Four of Clubs represents relief, a sense of accomplishment, release from burdens, balance, and release from something that has been a burden, lightness, and serenity. This is one of the most positive cards in Tarot.

When we talk about health, it indicates that the body is full of energy and disposition, there is only a desire to celebrate, which will be the most rewarding load for him at this moment.

Four of Wands Cards in Love

In the Tarot, 4 of Wands represents a moment of total harmony and understanding, your loving union will pass through a path of flowers and happiness. Make the most of your company, make these eternal good times and carry them forever in your heart because they really will be magical. You have everything it takes to live in the best possible synergy.

If you are single, life has prepared someone very interesting for your path, allow yourself to fall in love, let the good feelings invade your heart.

Internal meaning. Provides an understanding of direct card position

Almost a sense of relief: you experience a hard time, and then your problem suddenly resolves. Now you feel like it’s time to relax and enjoy life. In general, the four of Taro’s wands indicate happiness, harmony in business and personal life, as well as pleasant lessons in society.

Four of Wands is a cheerful card that has the meaning of marriage, communities, and holidays. It envisions a journey in a relaxing place, introduces family, friends, and good times.

The Image Description.

The main plane of the card occupies four rods reliably to the ground. The team peaks are connected by garlands of green leaves and multi-colored colors. One far-left team and the second far-right team will pull the ribbon to which the wreath is attached. In the center of the map, two women welcome each other and lay down a bouquet of flowers. On women’s heads are wreaths. At the bottom of the card, behind the women’s backs, the white castle with red roofs rises. On the left at the foot of the castle, you can distinguish between the people gathered and the right green bushes. The situation on the map is peaceful, welcoming, and solemn, painted in yellowish hues.

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How to use social media activities to generate traffic and promote the B2B platform?



social media activities to generate traffic and promote the B2B platform

Social media is currently one of the most effective communication channels that allows you to build brand awareness. Interestingly, from year to year, more and more opportunities in the B2B area. Although it might seem that these activities make sense mainly for companies selling to individual customers.

Reaching entrepreneurs only through traders generates, apart from high costs, also range limitations. The best way to effectively build brand awareness and the offered assortment is to multiply the message. A large group of companies selling only to B2B recipients is very skeptical or completely ignores. The reason for this is the lack of visible benefits from using them in your marketing activities. However, having planned goals, a consistent strategy, and an idea for action. You can fully use the potential that social media gives us.


  • Who is your target group?
  • What media platforms do you want to use?
  • What kind of content do you want to publish?
  • How are your competitors using the media?

The strategy outlined in this way will be the basis for further actions.  

Choice of platforms

At this point, it is worth noting that in B2B activities, we should not limit ourselves to  LinkedIn – a platform that really has a leading reputation, primarily due to its full business nature.

With a creative approach to social platforms with a calm B2B operation, we can also run on  SlideShare, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even Pinterest. On every platform, we can build recognition and awareness of our brand, which may also generate sales in the future. However, you have to consider whether your potential customers are actually there. If you distribute clothing, thanks to LinkedIn you can reach larger customers. But if you want to direct your message to small stores. This platform will not give you such opportunities.

List of Social Media Platform

  1. Facebook in communication on this platform is worth following all changes, primarily using well-known portals for marketers and acting in accordance with the trends. Try to create a  group where you will be an expert on its subject. Facebook has great potential in movies and live broadcasts – live broadcast in the form of a webinar or Q&A (Q&A). It will certainly bring many benefits, and in addition, people have chance to get to know you and your products. Facebook also makes it possible to reach very narrow groups thanks to paid campaigns. Set up paid promotions from the level of the advertising campaigns manager, thanks to which you will be able to better specify who the campaign is to reach.
  1. InstagramEfficient use of its potential will allow your potential customers to get to know you from the other, more human side. In addition, it is a great medium for selling products through beautiful photos or showing items in use, thanks to which not only people who have a catalog will be able to see the offer.
  1. YouTube will allow you to show how your products can be applied. If you link to your publications on this website on your B2B platform, it may cause customers to also watch other videos from your channel and buy other products. Additionally, it is also a great opportunity to bring traffic to the platform.
  1. Pinterest j est place where we can group all product lines, which make up the whole albums that customers can easily search and store by pinning them to your own table

If you are not sure which platform to start with, check how the competition is doing there.


  •       Case study – is an effective lead generation tool. It is in them that you are able to show that the offered product is an effective choice and solution. Additionally, a case study shows the details and possibilities of your company, thus showing your full potential.
  •       Webinar – a type of webinar that is more and more often used, but is also a tool eagerly accepted by customers for the promotion of companies’ services and products. It is great as a training or marketing tool, thanks to which you will build an image of an expert and a leader in the industry.
  •       Landing page (landing page, e.g. a specially prepared page about a given product) – this page should be the site of traffic from our social media. It may be an element of our website or a page specially dedicated for this purpose. Simply put, it is a place where the customer meets a product or service, where we present it in a condensed way.

Your competition is not social media targeted at the B2C market. This time, a large number of people following our media does not have to translate into effectiveness. In the B2B market, the quality of our audience is of particular importance. Better to have a few hundred actually interested in our activities and products. Than a large community being by chance and for a while.

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