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How To Help My Business In Times Of Coronavirus

Larry Segura



How quickly everything changed! Not long ago we saw from afar how in a Chinese city the spread and contagion of COVID-19 began, it is more seems yesterday that the first confirmed case of coronavirus was in the news. From that day until today, we went from having our normal lives, transit through the streets to panicked purchases in supermarkets, government quarantine declaration for all Peruvian households. The situation of this virus causes great concern throughout the country and the world.

So rapid action is needed to make thousands of small businesses resist this coronavirus-related contingency, resist economic disruptions. That is why we must pay full attention and share ideas in pursuit of a common goal that small businesses continue to operate.

Although we are quarantined, we are not held incommunicado and say thank you! to technology since we can keep in touch and maintain the link, the keyword in all this is  CONNECTION, but with what or who? And the answer is with our CLIENTS.

When everything returns to normal, we should not only ask ourselves if we were able to overcome this crisis, it is time to develop post-crisis strategies to be able to face the next stage, so we must take advantage of these days of work at home to review strategies and formulate new working methods.

1. What can I do now in quarantine?

More than ever, we must be active in social networks

In these moments of isolation, social networks play a role of distraction and very high information in the entire population. You have to take advantage of this, you can publish about your products; also keep posting something positive and empathetic with people, to ensure the appearance and dissemination in the RRSS. And if you do not have Social Networks, it is time to start.

Facebook: It is a social network to connect with family, friends, fellow businesses or people of our interest. It serves very well to generate community and followers.

Instagram: It is another way that brands can use to do branding and attract customers to their pages or stores.

LinkedIn: It generates the opportunity to interact with other companies and/or suppliers and thus be able to create business relationships.  Ideal for B2B companies.

Twitter: It is very efficient for publishing news and short releases. It serves to connect with customers and followers.

TikTok: It allows making, editing and publishing videos of up to 60 seconds in length, currently widely used by young audiences.

It is time to review administrative tasks, such as credit and collection procedures.

If you are one of those who sell on credit, take this time to review the past due or due credits of your clients, also remember that if you are going to carry out collection procedures, given the situation, it is important (as much as possible), be flexible with the payment periods to maintain and support your customers in some way.   It is good to talk directly and reach an agreement between the parties.

Control your expenses

Try not to spend money on items that are not essential for the operation of your business. It’s time to cut back on the nice and focus on the essentials to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Focus on helping your customers through digital channels

It is important not to neglect your customers, enable telephone and email assistance, but do not stay there, in times of crisis, you must increase your customer service capabilities and guarantee an optimal and timely communication. SOCIAL NETWORKS are a good option to promote this communication, use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging platforms.

You can also offer video conferencing options through Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime so that your customers can have that “face to face” feeling without actually being in person.

Strategize with your team and create a contingency plan.

Now is the time to critically look at your business and make a business continuity plan. If there is one thing small business owners and big business owners share, it is being resilient and resourceful in times of adversity. Negotiate and stay in contact with your suppliers, think about how you can adjust your offer and develop strategies to overcome the financial implications that lie ahead. We are all aware of the saying, “Two minds are better than one,” so engage your team in a powerful brainstorming session and put a plan into action.

Have a plan to keep your sales.

Now is the time to think of innovative ways to put your product or service in the hands of your customers. You may need to change the way you deliver your products or services and develop a dispatch schedule after the emergency situation passes.

Communicate with your staff and add more flexibility

Informs the forms of prevention and care against the COVID-19 -Implement

Remote work if you need it uses applications and digital media.

Keep your employees informed with accurate information about the virus. It helps quell rumors and fake news and promote calm.

Try to be as comprehensive as possible, have a contingency plan in case you suddenly have a shortage of staff. If your business is operating, manage measures so that your collaborators move safely.

Inform your customers what you are doing to prevent the spread of the virus. If you are a store that sells basic necessities, for example, and you are still operating, send an email to your customers and post signs in your store to assure them that you are doing everything possible to protect your health when they visit your store. Share cleaning, disinfection and hygiene protocols that you are following. If you are altering your office hours or closing your store for deep cleaning, you should also inform your customers.

2. What content do I publish?

Be transparent with your clients

What happens to you, it is possible that they also. We all face this together.  If we have good communication we will be able to achieve the empathy of our clients, being incredibly important to communicate any problem that may arise and how your business plans to deal with them.

On the other hand, you have to be responsible if you are going to talk about the COVID-19 virus, always make sure you have the information from a reliable source. We must not increase fear, and positive and encouraging messages are well received.

Ideas for your digital content

As we already mentioned, in time to move our networks, but if you still have no idea what to publish, here are some examples:

How to organize the closet, makeup tips, tips to properly wash a garment.

How to bathe your pet at home, how to teach your pet tricks, grooming tips and give a new look to your cocky 4-legged.

Applications not to get bored in quarantine, most-used apps for online games, how to learn a new language online.

How to make cute and fun bows, learn to wrap gifts with recycled paper, create beautiful thank you cards from home supplies.

Learn to prepare the best drinks at home, playlist with the best songs so as not to get bored.

How to recycle old furniture, the best tips to remodel your terrace, do you want to paint your house yourself? Follow these recommendations.

How to keep in touch with your customers remotely, best applications for video calls, tips to improve customer service.

Keep in mind that people who are at home do not know what to do, so give them material to take advantage of that free time to learn, have fun, do new things and above all, generate value for your brand with the contribution you provide.

If your business, due to the item, can still remain operational in this quarantine period such as warehouses, pharmacies, minimarkets, Petshop (sale of animal food), you should maintain another more successful communication strategy given the current situation, here are some ideas:

Indicate the security measures implemented in the business and hours of operation.

If you sell on the web, make clear your purchase policies and delivery times.

Inform if you have sales policies or the maximum quantity that can be bought of basic necessities.

Get creative, open your mind and be fun.

Don’t just offer your products online; put a little humor, without hurting susceptibilities and always being empathetic. This will generate positive reactions and interaction between your followers and much better if they go viral. For example:

3. What if I have e-commerce but there are no delivery options?

Incentives should be given for people to buy online and highlight the advantages of buying like this. Here are some ideas on how to manage your online store in this quarantine season:

Indicate that when buying online, digital transactions are carried out and there is no physical contact in this necessary isolation.

You do not need cash since you can pay by credit card.

Do you use any loyalty program? Well, double the points for people who make their purchases now.

Offers free delivery for customers who buy now and who schedule delivery for when the quarantine period is over.

Give away a discount coupon to be used in April.

It is the best time to make a seasonal payment as 2×1 or take the second garment at half price.

4. What happens when everything happens?

We must be aware that the most likely return of the public towards the consumption of certain products will be progressive, with those for basic consumption perhaps the most requested. In addition, this experience can leave a mark for people to take greater care in transport, when attending busy establishments, and above all that modifies their mind and way of shopping.

In view of the panic created by contagion, the human being as a defense mechanism will avoid contact for a short time.

Given this, we must be patient that everything will pass and calmly wait for the return to normality. Make sure you have your inventory in stock by the time everything is normal and always check the expiration and expiration dates of your products.

It is also important to keep your store clean and neat to create security for your customers and encourage that it is a safe place to buy.

If you sold online with a post-emergency dispatch, complete the dispatches as soon as possible. Think of media likes Rappi, Glovo, Urbaner. If working with a courier does not suit you, then you can make the deals with a trusted person or by yourself, either on foot for short distances or by bicycle. Taking into account safety and hygiene measures.

5. Do we have to create a post coronavirus plan as soon as possible?

With experience in difficult situations, we must be able to create a plan in case something similar happens again; here are some guidelines to consider:

Evaluate your expenses and losses, this information will be useful for you to recover.

Check the government aid and see if your business can benefit.

Talk to your distributors, check their recovery, and do not go out of stock, when everything calms down.

Before returning to the physical store, review the sanitary processes of your business to give you, your employees and consumers peace of mind.

Check your online presence and communication with your customers, if you do not have them it is time to start.

You have e-commerce and you do not show all your products, it is time to put your entire assortment since you have to give way to everything that generates sales.

Take this time to review your processes; surely it will have to be corrected.

“The quarantine situation should not create concern but occupation”


Always remember to stay informed of the provisions of the Government, since it has provided facilities for many businesses and people to overcome these circumstances, so we share some benefits to which you could access:

The MEF will create an S / 300 million funds to support the most vulnerable MSMEs due to emergencies. Read more here.

Sunat extends the expiration dates of the Monthly Affidavit of February 2020 for MYPES. Read more here.

Payment of water and electricity bills for March was postponed. Read more here.

We must maintain a positive attitude towards adverse situations and take this time to organize, plan and face the crisis in the best way, not only for the good of our business but also for the good of our collaborators, friends and, family.

It is important that this experience makes us aware that prevention is the best way to get out of difficult situations, so we must always be prepared and alert. Let us embrace our day-to-day technology, do not lose communication and, above all, do not stop doing fundamental tasks to continue selling, offering a quality service and above all to keep our business standing.


Rapid production of porous cellulose acetate membrane for water filtration using readily available chemicals






We describe a chemistry lab experiment using everyday elements and readily available chemicals to introduce porous polymer membranes to high school and college students. The principle of membrane filtration is illustrated by filtering solutions containing watercolor pigments or food coloring, while the food coloring is completely soluble in water and easily passes through the membrane. . The laboratory experiment can be performed in a 2 hour activity and is intended to (1) expose students to an exciting new field of materials science. He familiarizes them with porous membranes for the production of drinking water and presents them with a model elimination technique that uses the acid / base theory. In Switzerland, 52 high school students and 55 high school teachers have already successfully completed the laboratory experience and found the activity interesting and motivating.



Importance of safe drinking water

Access to clean and safe drinking water remains a global problem. In developing countries, around 80% of diseases are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Among the most common health risks of unclean drinking water are water-borne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoan parasites. In a comprehensive study, Bain and colleagues examined the microbial quality of drinking water and estimated that approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide use a source of drinking water contaminated with E. coli or other bacteria. thermotolerant coliforms (TTC).

Various approaches, with their inherent advantages and disadvantages, have been studied for eliminating microorganisms linked to waterborne diseases. The portable water purification devices currently in use include systems based on ultra and microfiltration membranes, ceramic filters, activated carbon filters or chemical halogen disinfection. The disadvantages of the most efficient systems are, in general, their complex installation and their periodic maintenance, which leads to high operating costs and, consequently, makes these systems unsuitable for developing countries. In addition, many point-of-use treatment devices are not effective against all possible contaminants. Therefore, new water treatment technologies are being explored.

Water quality issues are an integral part of many high school chemistry courses, and various experiments have been developed as educational laboratory procedures. Water filtration experiments for the removal of nanomaterials have already been described and a laboratory experiment comparing various biochemical separation technologies (including filtration) has been presented. The experience presented here differs from previous approaches in that the filtering device itself (a porous membrane) is made by students from standard materials, then its separation performance is tested.

Cellulose Acetate Membrane for Water Filtration

In this article, we describe a laboratory experiment to produce a cellulose acetate membrane filter for drinking water which, in its production stages, resembles the commercially available water filter, but which is accomplished using everyday items such as a kitchen blender, glass dishes, rulers and chemicals readily available. The entire experiment can be performed in a 2 hour laboratory exercise. Supporting information for this article includes a student brochure and instructor notes for conducting the classroom experience (approximately 20 to 40 students). The production of membranes is based on the addition of calcium carbonate to a solution of cellulose acetate dissolved in acetone. Glycerol is also added to the reaction mixture and acts as a pore spacer. The polymer solution is then mixed using a kitchen mixer, and the resulting dispersion is spread on a glass plate using a stainless steel ruler. After evaporation of the solvent in ambient air, the calcium carbonate and glycerol particles are washed from the polymer matrix in an acid bath and then rinsed in a water bath.

Functional test of the membrane using watercolor and food coloring

Students test the performance of the membrane obtained with a solution of watercolor and food coloring. Although, when mixed with water, both give colored water, the color of the food used is a water-soluble dye, and watercolor is a dispersion of pigments, with particles between 40 and 80 µm in size. The watercolor solution based on pigments is first passed through the membrane. Then the filtration is repeated with the food coloring solution. In both cases, students are invited to record their observations. The experiments with the two solutions are then repeated with a standard filter for a Buchner funnel.


Equipment and chemicals

The experiment uses the infrastructure and materials available in a university-level chemistry laboratory (see Information on teaching support and notes to students), as well as certain additions, which can be easily obtained:

• Kitchen mixer with at least 800 W of power (eg Philips HR 2195/04)

• Mirror or glass plate (148 × 210 mm2 or larger area)

•           Tape

• Ruler with stainless steel edge or aluminum profile.

• Two plastic tanks for dilute hydrochloric acid and a double boiler.

• Cellulose acetate (Sigma-Aldrich n ° 180955)

• Calcium carbonate (Sigma-Aldrich No. 21069)

• Watercolor (for example, Artists Loft Fundamentals watercolor pans set on

• Food coloring (for example bright blue FCF E133)

Preparation of a solution of cellulose acetate polymer

Preparation of the cellulose acetate dispersion

All of the cellulose acetate membrane filter was transferred to a kitchen mixer. Then, 41 g of calcium carbonate and 17.6 g of glycerol were added, and the suspension was stirred for 3 minutes in the highest setting of the kitchen mixer. The dispersion was placed in a new 250 ml Schott bottle and closed to limit evaporation of the solvent. The kitchen mixer was immediately filled with water to precipitate the remaining dispersion and the polymer waste was deposited in household waste.

Removal of calcium carbonate particles

To remove the calcium carbonate particles, a plastic container was filled with 5 L of water and another container with 5 L of hydrochloric acid (0.24 M). The mirror plate containing the membrane sheet was then immersed in the hydrochloric acid bath. The membrane sheet was released from the mirror plate, and gas bubbles indicated the removal of the calcium carbonate particles. After 10 minutes, the membrane sheet was transferred to the container containing only water and washed for an additional 5 minutes. Finally, the membrane sheet was removed from the water bath and placed on a cloth. Another kitchen towel was used to dry the membrane.

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Nichole Kerr



You should recognize the influence and role of gemstones in our life in this article. Gemstones are known by many as plain hard rocks of different sizes, often colored or sparkling but lacking emotional meaning. Stones take a lot of emotional space in other people’s lives. In recent times, in the search for good, natural living in which litho therapy can be found, a form of cure using stones, the use of Chinese or Herbal medicine, reflecting or homeopathy treatments has grown. Indeed, gems and semi-precious stones have been used to address health issues for decades. Litho therapy is a technique used to achieve therapeutic effects on the body with gemstones, stones, crystals or Quartz.For example, opals are protective stones that strengthen eyesight, soothe the mind, stimulate creativeness, batter infections, and assist sleep when the use of diamonds is completely excluded. Each stone has different characteristics and a special energy force in addition to cure a sore.

Highly popular are birthstones. Every month, in fact, a number of stones are associated. Many people find it interesting to know which ones are associated with them to always carry you. The stones can be placed on or carried around a piece of gem as a form of protection. In one way or another, a stone will energize the body and the mind.Chamal Gems exports the best gemstone products to luxury jewelers and specialty shops in the US. They have many other unique stones like Sapphire, Ruby, Alexandrite, Emerald, and Padparadscha! As the slogan say “Buy local, Sell global” As of 2020 Chamal Gems Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka is the biggest gemstone exporter to the United States.

Over the next few years, global demand for gemstones is expected to rise steadily. A new business intelligence perspective from Future Market Insights (FMI) announced revenue of gemstone for nearly US$ 22 billion in 2018. The worldwide market for gemstones is expected to grow moderately by 4.4% in the last year.

Tailor Made Gemstones Jewelry and Ornaments are in Trend

According to the study, almost 85% of the total sales of gemstones are made up of jewelry and decoration, most of which are made up of gemstone studies. Since the recent past, customization of gems and gems has been in trend, which has provided market players with high potential growth opportunities. The study suggests that a number of manufacturers and designers focus solely on the production of personalized new gemstone jewelry designs using cutting-edge technologies such as fast prototyping (RP) and CAD. Research also shows clearly that the rate of acquisition of gemstones in luxury arts is growing steadily.

Diamond holds approximately sixty percent of overall sales of gemstones and is projected as the best-selling gemstone category in the coming years. As the gemstone demand forecast for the next few years shows, the study highlights a promising rise in the need for rubies. Currently, over 85 percent of gemstones produced are synthetic. The study believes that, compared to natural gemstones the flexible physical attributes and relatively low price points of gemstone in synthetic format continue.

Although low end gemstones have been competitive in their sales over the past, the premium customer base will continue to be nurtured by the high-end gemstones industry. Consumers from Asian emerging economies are particularly interested in high-quality gemstones, which are rare and unique in design. While this phenomenon is attributed to increasingly growing lifestyle spending per capita, a large customer population still affirms adhering to budget restrictions when choosing the type of gemstone.

Developed Countries are Promoting Global Gemstones Market

North America will continue to be the preeminent investment area for manufacturers, designers and marketers of gemstones, with more than one third share in the world’s gemstones industry. Foremost due to the large demand for diamond and prizes gemstones in particular, the analysis also shows that Europe has a substantially high share in the jewelry industry.In addition, Asia Pacific is cited as an important regional market for both diamond and colored gems, a center for some of the highest quality, fine gemstones.

Analysis of Competitors: Players in the Market of Gemstones

Colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and others, like the colored gemstones of the cottage industry, are likely to remain isolated. There are a lot of players and a wide range of products. On the other hand, a few big players, who own concentrated mine pockets, dominate the demand for diamond.

Most of the world’s leading gemstone companies focus on strategic expansion of gemstone mining, production and processing capacity. More than one player on the gemstone market is also focusing on mining, production and processing of diamonds in their development strategy.

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Social Trading Stocks and Its Importance

Nichole Kerr



Traders of stocks, currencies and commodities have long maintained their own ideas, but the sharing of information on dedicated websites allows people to make money by copying or tracking their behavior. Market social traders have always had to know macroeconomic trends and news about companies acutely. This has long encouraged committed professionals and those wealthy enough to pay them for inventory, products and monetary trading.

This exclusivity has gradually been worsened by social media and online communities, creating a social business that involves people in strategies sharing. Social Trade,  experts point out that the social trading network is part of a much wider movement towards greater transparency and open knowledge. Access to accessible information is becoming a focal point as investors are looking to invest in businesses with more responsible, sustainable and diverse operations.

Social trade gives credibility to word-of-mouth

Although many investment investors continue to prefer more safe investing options, the social trading industry is making waves in fund management, particularly for younger users, according to expert; the data collected from the platform technology has contributed to new and objective reports of results that explain the correlation between cost and return for the investor.

Because individuals are not valued in many online communities, dedicated platforms have been developed to show the success of traders and allow users to copy their behavior. A multiple asset groups trading website, NAGA, has grown more than 500,000 accounts.

A major advantage for consumers of social trading is: the people who you copy invest their own money in the strategy, it’s different from conventional fund managers, many of whom can’t invest their cash in the funds in which they invest their clients. The need for advice was also a powerful force in different aspects of our lives. You might ask a friend who knows the best, if you want to go to a good restaurant. You will also want to find a professional personal trainer to do well in the fitness centre. We are used so often to seeking advice and scores, but this is only possible for investments because social trading.

Mirror Trading is a quick-growing aspect of social trading operations, which allows customers to automate transactions, retains and sells the same choices. Earlier people searching for businesses would have used newspapers and tip sheets to research the success of firms, but now experts can be copied easily.

What are the social trading disadvantages?

In addition to the ability to earn money with no time or capital expenditure, social trading and other big sites like NAGA provides unknown market accessibility. Those who become expert traders also have the potential to generate revenue by being copied.

However, there are clearly some major downsides that need to be taken into account. One big issue is that often people spend their own money on the basis of preferences of people, who are not professional experts, a particular concern in social networks that have no history of success. One of the users advises on the thread: take with a pinch of salt what you hear.

People can also feel tempted to leverage too much, especially in foreign exchange, to raise their investment. Although credits will increase some benefits dramatically, losses are also increased, and regardless of how clever the copied people are, the investment value can be nosedive. Around 67% of those interviewed by the Social Trading Platform expert said they lost cash with impatience and fast use of leverage.

New traders should therefore restrict early investment, pick risk and leverage carefully and copy multiple traders to make any losses balanced. A goal is to ensure that users have the right financial preparation to take decisions. The ground rules such as portfolio diversification should be understood at least to retail investors before they begin to use this service.

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